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8 & 16 hour Driver Behavior Modification Classes

(Resource Provider)

DriveWELL classes are now available on ZOOM to allow for greater access, convenience and safety.  Classes are interactive and dynamic! The DriveWELL curriculum was designed to improve self-awareness, coping skills and distracted driving awareness. Instructors are behavioral health specialists with many years of experience and expertise.

Certificates of completion will be emailed to students within two (2) business days, unless otherwise noted.

Students MUST take their certificates to the court where they received their citation (in-person).


Integrated holistic, strengths-based wellness coaching


At BHS 365, we provide strengths based, holistic, and wellness coaching services. Everyone experiences life challenges where assistance is needed. Asking for help is a Strength! At BHS 365, we'll help you to address issues associated with a career change, significant life events, codependence & boundary setting, interpersonal ralationships and the like. Our professional coaches will help you to develop sustainable goals and a clear vision for your future.


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At BHS 365, we specialize in behavioral health! Our team of professional coaches will help you to regain your emotional equilibrium. You'll be able to see how an imbalance anywhere in your life, is an imbalance everywhere. BHS 365 holistic coaching strenghthens your ability to take charge of

your life and to show up as your true self.

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Mediation (courts, groups)
Wellness Programs for Law Enforcenment 

Behavioral Health Solutions 365 team of behavioral health specialists, licensed clinicians, certified coaches and mediators are subject matter experts with many years of knowledge and expertise in the behavioral health industry. Behavioral Health Solutions 365 delivers person-centered wellness education & training  services. Our services are offered VIRTUALLY to increase accessibility and safety! We've developed online and virtual curriculums that promote healthy attitudes and behaviors. 


Our behavioral health courses and workshops are aimed toward improving awareness of the interdependability of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. If you change what you think, you can then change your feelings and behavior. This course is especially useful for persons who work in corporate settings, law enforcement, academia, healthcare, and people-oriented professions.


Courses and workshops were designed to help particpants identify thoughts and behaviors which impede their ability to successfully perform at levels commensurate to who they are and to what's expected of them. Subjects include, navigating the social determinants of stress,  work-life balance, excelling in asychronous work spaces,  professional ethics, team building, emotional intelligence, leadership, managing pandemic fatigue & burnout, and redefining the meaning of success.

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