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Service Description

At BHS 365, we provide strengths based, holistic, and wellness coaching services. Everyone experiences life challenges where assistance is needed. Asking for help is a Strength! At BHS 365, we'll help you to address issues associated with a career change, significant life events, codependence & boundary setting, interpersonal ralationships and the like. Our professional coaches will help you to develop sustainable goals and a clear vision for your future. Call today for a free 15 minute consultation! At BHS 365, we specialize in behavioral health! Our team of professional coaches will help you to regain your emotional equilibrium. You'll be able to see how an imbalance anywhere in your life, is an imbalance everywhere. BHS 365 holistic coaching strenghthens your ability to take charge of your life and to show up as your true self. Call today! BHS 365 also specialize in Mediation Services for the courts, private groups, local and government agencies. Call today for our competitive rates!

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